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Narration – I Almost Died On The First Day Back To School

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You Don’t Want Toothfairy Kisses

I was just a little boy when mama’s teeth began to fall out. She told me that mine would do the same one day and soon. Them was my baby teeth she was mentioning and sure enough she was right.

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Short Version: You Don’t Want Toothfairy Kisses

490 Words

I was just a little boy when my teeth fell out. Mama’s fell out then too.

“You leave that tooth under your pillow and the Toothfairy’ll come get it. Trade you a quarter.”

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If You Find The ‘Psychic Knock’ Post, Don’t Decide To Play

None of us realized what we were getting into. David is the one who clicked on the post and decided we should play.

Blog – Shadow on the Stairs

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I Almost Died On The First Day Back To School

It was the first day back to school and I was absolutely tense about it. Wracked with anxiety, and plagued by nightmares, I’d barely gotten any sleep for the past week.

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I Am The Domino: Erma Price

Part 1 | Part 2

By now you probably think I’m a bad person. I didn’t mean to endanger anyone, not at first. Jenny and Mr. Daniels were on purpose, obviously. Nick’s grandma was before all that. She got caught up in the Domino effect; at least that’s what I call it. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I didn’t even see clearly who she was. I know for certain, I can’t ever tell Nick Price that I’m the one who put his grandma into a coma.

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I Am The Domino: Jenny Baker

Part 1 | Part 2

On Thursday, Jenny Baker got killed. She thought she could get away with that rumor she started about me and Nick Price…but if I want revenge, I’ll get my revenge.

The best part is, I’ll never get caught, because I am The Domino.

The. Fucking. Domino.

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Trust Me, I’m A Doctor

I use my fingers to prise apart your eyes. The penlight is to see if your pupils, like little black pearls, are still round and wide. Will they dilate this time, or are you still out cold? The gloves on my hands are to protect me from the germs, the mucus; your ‘goo.’

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Gulped Down By The Gulf

When people think of homes on the beach, they think of paradise; panoramic views with pristine white sands leading into hues of blue. They think of plate glass and every room is a room with a view. Homes surrounded by ocean, of private beaches beyond. All of these vistas set to the sloshing sound of the tides as they rise in and out like the beat of breaths.

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