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Face Your Fears…
Free Your Fears…

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Narration – My Ice Cream Truck… Read by “Scarecrow Tales”

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Narration – Exquisite Corpse… Read by “Darhk”

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Narration – Don’t Play The Psychic Knock Game… Read by “Darkness Tales”

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I Found A Body

My dog and I found a body in the woods yesterday. Actually…we found several.

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I Wonder What Nathan Is Doing Right Now

I wonder what Nathan is doing right now.

Nathan Wallows is my favorite singer. His voice is like a tormented angel pulled down to suffer in a tar pit. Haunted. He was fated to be trapped forever in my sticky black heart. Each song he sang resonated chords within me. It would be hard to convince me that each song he wrote and sang wasn’t written just so I could understand him better. That’s how much his body of work spoke to me.

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Putting An End to the Psychic Knock Game

By Alanna Robertson-Webb

Okay guys, let’s get some things straight. I’m on horror sites pretty often, and a friend told me about what’s been happening here on creepypasta. I’ve been looking through the last few days worth of posts, and I’m seeing some really disturbing stuff that I need to address. I’m Jenny Rogers; a normal, eighteen year-old high school student in my senior year. My SnapChat username is callme_469, and somehow my phone has been ruining people’s lives.

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My Ice Cream Truck Came Fully Equipped With GPS And Tourette’s

I don’t like children which is unfortunate to my line of work…I call it work, but it’s torture really. If you are working a job that you hate, you always have the option of resigning…of opting out: of just deciding not to show up…

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I’m suspended in the void, floating. Senses fail here, except hearing, which is fine because this is the nothingness; nothing to feel or see. It’s a quiet place–peaceful, like finding yourself adrift in space. Then a familiar voice reminds me to be afraid. I can’t see, but he speaks to me in harsh whispers near my ear, saying:

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Narration – I’m A Coroner… Read by OldManCreepyPasta

My story from earlier this week got a great treatment by a new narrator on YouTube! If you haven’t read Exquisite Corpse yet, this is the same story posted under my alternate title.

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