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Blog – Sinister Showcase

Hi everyone! Just a quick update: I joined a guild for writers and narrators. Please pop by to check out our showcase page and shoot us a like? Everything posted here is the best of our best and is sure to make you quiver with shiver!

Touch Yourself Again And I’ll Kill Ya

Have you guys ever heard of The Onan?

My husband has never heard of it. He says it’s not a real thing…but it has to be, because I’ve seen it. He masturbates all the time…so for sure, it’s seen him.

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Narration – I’m on the NoSleep Podcast this week!

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Blog – Exciting Developments

I received two pieces of very exciting news today. Both tidbits were big deals to me and exciting to me. That’s all that matters, really. I know not many people follow this blog but I’m looking to work on that.

My partner Daniel Clark and I begin an outline for a new story today. I normally don’t write them this long because I lose interest easily, but we are excited about the progression. It will be in four parts, the first drop of the first part is only half written and I already have 1500 words…. So if they all wind up being this involved, we are looking at over 12,000… Basically about 10 times longer than any story I usually sit down to try to write.

After we have edited the first draft I should be able to post the first part of the story this week.

Typically this is not how I write anything. Most of my short stories or flash fiction have been based on one sentence that I thought and then I just started typing. Usually I go back and refine the idea but I typically only spend a couple hours on each story so I’m kind of excited to build some really solid characterizations and explain to you all this idea that it’s in my head.

Some Secrets Refuse To Stay Sunk

I skipped a stone over the lake and froze with fear. A bloated, rotted hand had reached out of the water and caught it. Some secrets refuse to stay sunk.

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Please Help! Our Daughter Has Been Missing For Three Weeks!

We’ve searched high and low. The police, the news, consulted fucking psychics; everywhere we can think. Now I’m coming here because I just don’t know where else to turn.

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Clinical Trial (Part 4)

I’ve been keeping the journal. I wrote my first entry. It happened when I was washing the dishes. I’m not sure they actually came clean. The water that came out of the tap was thick and red. Normally, I do prefer the dishes to be spotless. I can’t tell but I think they’ve been stained. It’s not really a big deal as I’m not bothered by this nor by the current state of my red-ringed kitchen sink.

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Clinical Trial (Part 3)

Surprisingly my second group session with Dr. Grant went unexpectedly well. Everyone was alert. I was buzzing with energy. Everyone was. I didn’t faint this time. Nobody did. Only a few days into the trial and I feel like I’m making a lot of really solid progress.

Today he shows you some images. Lots of fun, bloody pictures and videos.

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Clinical Trial (Part 2)

So there I was, in an elevator with these two women. The three of us covered head to toe in shame, viewed naked without our consent. I couldn’t wait to get out of this elevator. Neither could they. I was itching with my entire being for the doors to open.

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Clinical Trial (Part 1)

Imagine you’re me. I was just doing what you or anyone would do really. I’m just trying to get by and life can get so expensive. That’s why I volunteered for the clinical trial.

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