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Narration – I Am The Domino: Erma Price (read by Sir Soothing Voice)

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Slaughterhouse Dreams

Short Poem: 150 words

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Archived Draft: Peepers

Special thanks to:

And others for giving their valuable time and input on this original draft.

The final version of “Peepers” can be read here: Peepers Final Version

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Narration – Chasing Ghost Trains – Short Version – Narrated by: Creepy Geeksta

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Secret Garden

When I was just a boy of ten,
My father took me on a treck
From our house upon the hill
To the valley down below.

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Narration – A Deal is A Deal

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Chasing Ghost Trains

My cousin Ronnie and I used to chase the ghost train on Grandad’s farm.

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Short Version: Chasing Ghost Trains

496 Words

My cousin Ronnie and I used to chase the ghost train on Granddad’s farm.

The whole family lived on the 174 acres; a railway goes through the center. Grandad said those tracks hadn’t been used in decades. That’s why nobody believed when we started on about the ghost train.

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Swamp Witch (Part 3)

Later on Tuesday when we’d reopened the shop, Sheriff Matthews came by. The bell up front jingled as he sauntered through the doorway.

“Alice Tucker, I got a kinda disturbing call about you from your neighbor Jennie a little bit ago.”

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Narration – I Don’t Think It Was Aspirin

4Warnings reached out to me earlier this week…

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