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Publisher: NBH Publishing LLC
Project Managers: Scott Savino & Nick Botic


Traditional Horror
Has Failed The LGBTQIA

The horror community has thousands of LGBTQIA fans, so where are we in the stories? Traditionally, horror has either excluded us or misplaced us as part of the plot twist. Transgender individuals are vilified in stories like "Silence of the Lambs" and "Sleepaway Camp." Lesbians are included to sexualize the storylines and Gay men are depicted as shrill-screaming comic relief.

Where is everyone else in this picture?

Short Answer: They're not.

When was the last time you read or saw a horror movie with an accurate depiction of an individual identifying as Bisexual? As Intersex or Asexual? What about people who just identify as Queer? As with everything else, there is a place for all us--we just have to go out of our way to make it.

Many Of Our Authors
Are Previously Published

They have books, followings and die-hard fans! They've done this before and want to do it again. This time, to make something that includes all of our voices--together. Even if you haven't ever had a story published before, we'd love to hear from you and read your submissions! We want to include stories by LGBTQIA authors and allies both seasoned and up-and-coming.

Accurate Portrayals
of LGBTQIA People

Growing up, many of us didn't have realistic rolemodels to identify with. LGBTQIA were under or misrepresented in all facets of the media that most of us consumed. We had to figure out who we were and how we identified on our own. Would it have helped you as you were coming into your own to have seen positive rolemodels and regular people living regular lives just like anyone else? With your help, we can create that for the kids who are coming-of-age next. We intend to do that with realistic depictions of people in horrific situations; though the themes of this book may be gory, we will not be featuring erotica or overly sexualized stories in this collection. There is a place for those stories--just in a different book.

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Publisher: NBH Publishing LLC
Project Managers: Scott Savino & Nick Botic

Cover Art

- Kickstarter | About | Cover Art | Submissions -
Publisher: NBH Publishing LLC
Project Managers: Scott Savino & Nick Botic



Story Requirements

  • Stories may not be previously published in print. Stories published on personal websites or social media (i.e. Reddit or Facebook) are perfectly acceptable. Just nothing in a book.

  • Authors who wish to remain anonymous for personal reasons are permitted to do so. We understand that everyone does not have the ability to be "out" in their personal lives. This anthology is for all of us. Even those of us who are unable to be ourselves openly. ❤

  • Stories must be between 500 - 3500 words.

  • Authors may submit multiple stories, however we will only consider publishing 2 from any individual author.

  • Anyone can submit. Authors need not be LGBTQIA identifying, however priority will be given to stories by authors who have identified as LGBTQIA.

  • All stories must include LGBTQIA main characters.

  • Those characters can either be good or evil. Ideally we'd like a mix.

  • We ask that no offensive stereotypes be used. This is meant to be empowering.

  • Feel free to mix genres. Sci-Fi? Yes! Romance? Go for it! Just be sure the predominant theme is horror.

  • This is not an erotica anthology. Sex is okay. Sex happens. Stories that are overly sexualized will not be accepted.

Submission Requirements

  • Google Doc or .docx perferred. No PDF files.

  • 12pt Courier, Arial or Times New Roman

  • Double Spaced

  • Contact information upper left

  • Exact word count upper right, or just beneath contact information upper left.

  • Incorrectly formatted submissions will be at the bottom of the pile.

  • Exclusivity Period of 6 months before resubmission/reprint elsewhere

  • Stories may be resold at any time during the exclusivity period for narration after release if the narrator agrees to name and provide a link to the book Amazon listing.

  • Submissions Closed: 03-31-19

  • Email Submissions to blackrainbowbook@gmail.com


  • TBD pending Kickstarter Success*
    (estimated $0.03/word--possibly up to $0.05/word if goals are met and exceeded.)
    *Authors will retain the rights to their works and acceptance/refusal prior to publication.

  • We are confident that the Kickstarter will be successful with our modest budget plan, however this project is happening regardless. If for whatever reason funding falls through, the payment model will be based on the royalty model used by my previous publishers (Haunted House Publishing and NBH Publishing LLC) will be our contingency plan for compensation model. Authors will be paid a fair share of royalties based on book sales to wordcount after release. 


- Kickstarter | About | Cover Art | Submissions -
Publisher: NBH Publishing LLC
Project Managers: Scott Savino & Nick Botic