Featuring 2 stories from Scott Savino and 98 more from 69 Other Incredible Authors

Tips for Monster Hunting

  1. Check the deepest part of the ocean.
    Or let someone with a submarine check it for you.
  2. Order a monster egg online.
    Make sure it won’t hatch before it arrives.
  3. Don’t. What are you, crazy?
    You don’t need to look. The monsters will find you.

THE MONSTRONOMICON is a collection of 100 stories from around the world. These aren’t your everyday Werewolves and Wendigos either. Each story is told by the survivor of an encounter with a unique and mysterious creature more wild and varied than you can imagine. This book has something for everyone with a dark mind, so read now to find the perfect monster for you.

Some monsters are quirky and friendly, while others are apocalyptic behemoths crawling up from the depths. Some stories are heartwarming, funny, or profound, while others are a blood bath..

As Seen On TV*

*Assuming you can see into the future. The Monstronomicon is a joint media and literary project. These monsters are destined for the screen in an episodic series of short horror films. See the inside of the book for more information on how to get involved.


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A Cure For Chaos

Featuring stories from Scott Savino and 29 Other Incredible Authors

Life is chaos.
Death is the only cure.

You’re never so vulnerable as when you surrender your body to a hospital. You trust the doctors to know what is best, but these stories show what happens when they have other plans. What if a maternity doctor pretends your child died during birth just so he can steal it? Or a simple operation is used as an excuse to harvest parts? Discover the truth of the asylum in the woods, take the pills which induce mind-bending phobias, and try to escape when you’ve been institutionalized against your will.

A CURE FOR CHAOS is an anthology of horror stories from 30 authors, each with a unique way to thrill and terrify you. From stalking supernatural monsters to
the psychopaths hiding in plain sight, these quick reads are perfect for adding excitement to your daily life.

Nothing is sacred.
Nothing is safe.

Read now to begin a journey that will change the way you see
medicine and the modern world.


Available in paperback or Kindle Version