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Midnight Dog-walking is Dangerous

I work evenings. It’s not uncommon that I arrive home past midnight. Last night around 12:15, I unlocked the door, changed, put on my headlamp, and brought my dog, Maximus, downstairs. We live in some country club condos with miles of sidewalks to explore. He’s always eager to go with me; tail wagging enthusiastically. Exploring nighttime with daddy is his favorite time. There was an unseasonable chill in the air. Any chill in Florida is unseasonable, not to mention unreasonable. We live here to be warm. The chill was accompanied by thin blankets of fog. I hate fog.

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The Nightmare Man

At night I sleep darkly and as I drift away the wisps of his boney dreamfingers reach out. Poke their ways inside to the back of my eyes.

That’s where the man is. The Nightmare Man. His name is Spindly Ticks.

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I Enjoy Watching The Neighbors

I enjoy watching the neighbors.

I watch them outside, through the window.

I think the slimmer is very attractive. They have lived here for a year and I’ve watched them both in that time. The slimmer one has red hair and a strong jawline. Sometimes his hair is more red than now—sometimes it has lighter hues of blonde. Sometimes he keeps it short. Sometimes he keeps it long.

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