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Where Has Lucy Gone?

I’m here because our son lost one of his friends and we’re trying to figure out how to find her.

Where has Lucy gone?

Our son wants someone to play with!

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Please Help! Our Daughter Has Been Missing For Three Weeks!

We’ve searched high and low. The police, the news, consulted fucking psychics; everywhere we can think. Now I’m coming here because I just don’t know where else to turn.

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Dinner with Dates Online

Everyone told me: Don’t meet dates online. I’d probably fucked every eligible man on this coast before finally settling down. Before I met my man, sex was boring as shit. I’m faithfully devoted now. We don’t keep secrets. My husband knows my past–so ‘come for me,’ haters!

We’re celebrating our two year anniversary today! In tribute to our unending love, here is our story:

I tried every app and every dating site. Match.com. Tinder. Scruff. Grindr…

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Did Anyone Else See This Ad?

Targeted advertising is getting so out of control as of late. With technology growing at leaps and bounds, you could talk about something as specific as “pointy elf shoes,” your phone will hear you, and Facebook will send up an Amazon advert for genuine elf shoes from Norway while you’re scrolling the next day.

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