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Short Version: Chasing Ghost Trains

496 Words

My cousin Ronnie and I used to chase the ghost train on Granddad’s farm.

The whole family lived on the 174 acres; a railway goes through the center. Grandad said those tracks hadn’t been used in decades. That’s why nobody believed when we started on about the ghost train.

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Swamp Witch (Part 3)

Later on Tuesday when we’d reopened the shop, Sheriff Matthews came by. The bell up front jingled as he sauntered through the doorway.

“Alice Tucker, I got a kinda disturbing call about you from your neighbor Jennie a little bit ago.”

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Swamp Witch (Part 2)

Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

When I was a little boy, I used to ask Mama when my magic would come, but Mama says it don’t work like that. Mama’s mama had it like she does but she says the swamp magic don’t come to all our kin.

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Swamp Witch (Part 1)

Part 1

Mama isn’t a bad person. It’s actually quite the opposite. She feeds every stray she comes across, gives to charity and she cares a lot about the environment. The environment is probably the thing she carries the biggest torch for. We have a delicate ecosystem down here in the Florida Everglades and it has to be maintained. I feel like that’s probably the best way to start this story; to remind you that she is good. Mostly.

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You Don’t Want Toothfairy Kisses

I was just a little boy when mama’s teeth began to fall out. She told me that mine would do the same one day and soon. Them was my baby teeth she was mentioning and sure enough she was right.

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Short Version: You Don’t Want Toothfairy Kisses

490 Words

I was just a little boy when my teeth fell out. Mama’s fell out then too.

“You leave that tooth under your pillow and the Toothfairy’ll come get it. Trade you a quarter.”

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This is Death Facts! Text “STOP” to stop.

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This is Death Facts! Text “STOP” to stop.

… If you have trouble there or would rather read it here… You can, after the jump…

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They Told Me: Learn To Sew

I recently began teaching myself to sew.

I’m not one for hobbies, normally. I’m far too busy in my day-to-day life, but when they tell me I should do something with my free time, I mean I can’t just ignore them, can I? Hardly.

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Where Has Lucy Gone?

I’m here because our son lost one of his friends and we’re trying to figure out how to find her.

Where has Lucy gone?

Our son wants someone to play with!

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Please Help! Our Daughter Has Been Missing For Three Weeks!

We’ve searched high and low. The police, the news, consulted fucking psychics; everywhere we can think. Now I’m coming here because I just don’t know where else to turn.

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