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Today’s the Day the Sun Explodes

Please don’t label me some kind of spiritualist weirdo or hippie when I tell you this: the blockage to my third eye chakra has been extricated. I walked here in the middle of the night because I needed to be sure. I needed to be here to wait for her. I needed to stand here, on the coast, to see. I would say to heed this warning–but I fear it might be too late:

The world will end today.
A fact that only I know.
Verified by a vision: a precognition.
Today’s the day the sun explodes.

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Dinner with Dates Online

Everyone told me: Don’t meet dates online. I’d probably fucked every eligible man on this coast before finally settling down. Before I met my man, sex was boring as shit. I’m faithfully devoted now. We don’t keep secrets. My husband knows my past–so ‘come for me,’ haters!

We’re celebrating our two year anniversary today! In tribute to our unending love, here is our story:

I tried every app and every dating site. Tinder. Scruff. Grindr…

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The Purpose

My husband’s been gone. He’s been gone quite some time I guess–a few weeks, I think. Might be 16 days? I don’t know. Them days in the last few weeks have kind of strung themselves together–as they do, you see. I don’t do very well on my own. I can’t quite keep track of things. He always helped me with that sort of thing. I think he was gone two Tuesdays ago? Woke up, and he was just up and gone. The funny thing was that I weren’t really mad about it. Sometimes a man’s just got to up and go for a time, I recon. Don’t be good to him, well, you got to learn the lesson, so you wake up and he’s gone.

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So, I’m really happy you’re here. It’s been a while since I’ve had a real “first date.” Has anyone ever told you that you have the most incredible eyes?

Aww is that a blush? You know, some people say I talk a lot. It’s more of a nervous thing. I talk a lot when I get nervous. You seem like the strong silent type. That’s really great. I really like that. It was always hard for me growing up. I was the FAT kid on the bus. They threw paper at me a lot. Called me “GAY” a lot. Back then I still insisted that I wasn’t. But that was yearsssss ago. It’s not like I’m still carrying around that baggage.

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