Category: Microhorror

So many spiders…

And this FootLockerâ„¢ has so many boxes to hide them inside.

The first time her hand touched mine, I knew she was the one.

The ones who moisturize always make the best lampshades.

Torture dungeons are pretty bleak, but at least the games are fun.

This week we played ‘Guess How Many Human Teeth’ and I get to keep the jar, ’cause I’m the guy that won.

First you firmly grip, then you flick the wrist.

And off the head will pop, with just a little twist.

The vibrantly vacillating hues fingered their way, vermiculating in tandem with the lightning across the brooding, blackened sky.


I know it’s cliche, but what they say is really true…

I photograph all of my victims just before the knife slides in; lasts longer.

Mirror take me by the hand, and yank me into Backwards Land.

Where up is down and dark is day, and all the nightmares come to play.

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