Monstronomicon: 100 Horror Stories from 70 Authors

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THE MONSTRONOMICON is a collection of 100 stories from around the world & these aren't your everyday Werewolves and Wendigos either. Featuring 2 Stories by Scott Savino

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About the Book

Tips for Monster Hunting

  1. Check the deepest part of the ocean.
    Or let someone with a submarine check it for you.
  2. Order a monster egg online.
    Make sure it won’t hatch before it arrives. 
  3. Don’t. What are you, crazy?
    You don’t need to look. The monsters will find you. 

THE MONSTRONOMICON is a collection of 100 stories from around the world. These aren’t your everyday Werewolves and Wendigos either. Each story is told by the survivor of an encounter with a unique and mysterious creature more wild and varied than you can imagine. This book has something for everyone with a dark mind, so read now to find the perfect monster for you.

Some monsters are quirky and friendly, while others are apocalyptic behemoths crawling up from the depths. Some stories are heartwarming, funny, or profound, while others are a blood bath.

Praise for Monstronomicon

This book had stories for every kind of monster lover. There were stories to thrill you, put you in nightmares and even boggle your mind. I wanted it to never end.
★★★★★ Review

Hooked from page one. Stories flowed quickly and did not become boring. Before I knew it I was at the end.
★★★★★ Review

With 70 different authors it’s easy to find the story style you enjoy most. You won’t be able to find a story you don’t love, with your choice of 100!
★★★★★ Review

As seen on TV*

*Assuming you can see into the future. The Monstronomicon is a joint media and literary project. These monsters are destined for the screen in an episodic series of short horror films, a project currently in production and funded by Kickstarter.

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Genre: Horror
ISBN: 1791711391
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