Nick Botic
Nick Botic is an award-winning published author from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His genre casts a wide net ensnaring topics from the paranormal, to supernatural; from threats unbelievable to those very real.

Blair Daniels
Blair Daniels started posting her short horror stories to Reddit’s NoSleep community in 2017. In her free time she enjoys raising backyard chickens, playing Minecraft, and going to Costco. She lives with her husband and 1-year-old son in a rural part of the US.

Grant Hinton
Grant Hinton is a horror writer who's dark tales of confessions, demons, exorcists, kidnapping and torture are sure to make your skin crawl.

Christopher Maxim
Christopher Maxim is a horror fiction writer whose works are akin to plots found in episodes of The Twilight Zone and Tales From The Darkside. He’s published several books, and his stories have been narrated on YouTube, where they’ve collectively garnered millions of views. He currently resides in a capeside town in New England, a common setting for most of his unique and bone-chilling narratives.

J.D. McGregor
J.D. McGregor is a Canadian horror and mystery author residing in Toronto, Ontario. Much of his writing was composed while travelling solo and abroad, something he can often be found doing, working or not. His works have been published by DimensionBucket and Haunted House Publishing LLC, as well as adapted for audio by the NoSleep Podcast and Scary Stories Told in the Dark.

Scott Savino
Scott Savino enjoys long trespassive walks on private property in the dark with his dog Max. He enjoys jumping away from non-aggressive shadows, baking, and staring menacingly down through upper-floor windows. He and his partner live in Florida. He has a terrible memory but amidst all of lifes' horrors he is reminded of what love feels like, every time he see's that man's face.

William Stuart
William Stuart writes stories. Many of them are scary. A few of them are funny. Some of them are sad. All of them are true.

Penny Tailsup
Penny Tailsup is an author and narrator from Alaska: the perfect place to write horror; the winters are cold and dark...and the sun never seems to set in the summer. Penny's writing pursuits delve into fantasy, romance, poetry and sci-fi.

Tobias Wade
Former neuroscience researcher, born again novelist. During his studies, it struck Tobias Wade as odd that he could learn so much about behavior without understanding the intricacies of human nature. He realized that he learned more about what it means to be human from reading stories than he ever had from his text books, and was inspired to write.