I’m going to be frank with you. As your doctor, it distresses me that we begin making real progress only to see you digress immediately after our sessions. I know that you aren’t fond of the medication, but if you can’t grasp the depth of your delusions, we may need to experiment with dosages. Before we get to that I want to try a few other things. Today we are going to explore verbal reinforcement. Would that be okay?


Repeat after me:

Scott Savino is not a real person.

He does not live on the Gulf Coast in Florida.

He does not write short horror stories.

He is a figment of my imagination that I use to compensate for my small penis.

He does not have a wonderful partner named Dennis Clark.

He does not have a dog named Maximus.

You cannot find or follow him on reddit at /u/scott_savino because he is not real and that Redditor does not exist.

You cannot follow him on facebook.com/scottsavinohorror

Scott Savino is not real.

Great work! I feel we are making some real progress here.

That will be $97 please.

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