This has always been one of my favorites and now it lives on NSP in infamy along with haunting stories from 24 other authors.

The Suddenly Shocking series is a collection of flash fiction done once a season for Season Pass Subscribers…

Season 12 Suddenly Shocking Lineup

A Lifetime of Nightmares by Brian Rappatta

Let Nothing Go To Waste by Wendy Nikel

Howl by Katlin Brock

The Flash by Jonathan Birch

He Who Listens for Wishes: The Boy & the Puppy by Manen Lyset

The Embrace by Nichole Feldringer

Games of Angry Children by Christine Lucas

Radical Attrition by Henry Galley

The Boy in the Corridor by Trisha Lowther

Defaced Currency by Evan Purcell

It’s With You Now by Meg Molloy

My Regeneration by Kevin Lenihan & Dena McKinnon

Pure Water by Gemma Amor

Exquisite Corpse by Scott Savino

Mother Worked Nights by A.P. Sessler

RU OK? by Larry Hinkle

The Bone Pit by Charlotte Platt

Blemish by Zac Carlstrom

White Cat by Noel Wallace

Three Days in the Human Paradigm Shift by Gra Linnaea

Late Nights by Henry Galley

Passing On by Geoff Gander

Teetering by Steve Toase

The Jar by Andrea Allison

The Drayton Tracks Incident by CK Walker

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