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Avoid The Maple Woods

My mother always told me to stay out of Maple Woods. The things that you’ll discover there are certainly not good. My mother always told me this, and I understood: Trespassing there is dangerous.

Avoid the Maple Woods.

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They Came From The Lake

They came from the lake.

They called it to join them in the lake.
It was a Wednesday and the sky was low and purple, constricting in on the town.

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Narration – The Purpose

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Narration – She Was Schiophrenic

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Where Has Lucy Gone?

I’m here because our son lost one of his friends and we’re trying to figure out how to find her.

Where has Lucy gone?

Our son wants someone to play with!

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A Deal is a Deal

He awakes.
He awakes in bed.
He awakes in bed, confused.
But he shouldn’t be.
A deal, is a deal.

The bed is on the ceiling, and now, he is finally wide awake; staring at the floor through the locks of his long hair. They hang heavy, damp with something viscous dripping downward. Downward with the pull of gravity. He tosses his head around from where he dangles to rearrange the mop of sodden curls away from his eyes.

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Clinical Trial (Full Story)


You were supposed to be a doctor. If you’re raised by two doctors, you’re also supposed to be a doctor because that is their plan. You would graduate high school and attend some prestigious medical school and they would pay for it and everyone would be happy. Well, you didn’t want that. You always wanted to write. Imagine their disappointment when you told them.

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The Crow Children Will Teach You To Fly

The first time I saw one, I was seven. That was the night the neighbor-girl Cindy died. We were friends.

It was summertime and the marsh was foggy and the frogs were all going at once, making an awful racket with their obnoxious noises.

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The Distant Sound of Hammers

I awoke in my dorm room to the distant sound of hammers….Pounding and pounding and pounding. “Do you hear that?” I asked.

My dormmate indicated that he did not. Gave me a strange look.

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The Daffodil Delirium

I think my new neighbor is planting hallucinogens but I can’t be sure. Not that it matters. We’ve been on a couple of dates now and he seems nice enough but even still, I know what I’ve heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes.

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