I’m The Head Librarian, Actually

Before I begin to tell you everything that’s happened, I think it is important to ask yourself whether you think a madwoman would be able to hold the position of head librarian at Echo Bay’s prestigious Eldertide Polytechnic University for 19 consecutive years? Do you think something like that would be possible? It’s a rather difficult job to manage such a vast collection of reference materials–to ensure that they’ve been organized and categorized and reshelved correctly and logically once they’ve been borrowed and returned. It really does take a lot of skill.

I’m Sorry

“Hello Scott,” you say from the backseat. “Jesus Christ!” I say and in my surprised shock, I yank the wheel and the car fishtails into the next lane as the vehicles around me honk in disapproval of my erratic driving. There was no way you could have gotten into the car. I would have noticed it. You weren’t there when I merged onto the highway… then, now suddenly you were…

Yesterday I Found A Body…Today I’m An Anxious Wreck

My dog and I found a body in the woods yesterday. Actually…we found several. The first one had to have been dead at least a month. She was naked. The sun cast an eerie living light down through the branches of the trees. Even before we approach it I can see her stomach undulating slowly. This is not a trick of the light. She is moving like a mold of gelatin. The kind with fruit inside.