Swamp Witch (Part III)

Later on Tuesday when we’d reopened the shop, Sheriff Matthews came . The bell up front jingled as he sauntered through the doorway. “Alice Tucker, I got a kinda disturbing call about you from your neighbor Jeanie a little bit ago.” Mama was stocking the chips. She didn’t look up as she replied: “Daren Matthews, Jeanie Kravitz is crazier than a loon. What’d she tell ya?”

Swamp Witch (Part I)

Mama isn’t a bad person. It’s actually quite the opposite. She feeds every stray she comes across, gives to charity and she cares a lot about the environment. The environment is probably the thing she carries the biggest torch for. We have a delicate ecosystem down here in the Florida Everglades and it has to be maintained. I feel like that’s probably the best way to start this story; to remind you that she is good. Mostly.